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ATC Operations Paris

Paris air traffic control has 3 main airports to control.
In ATC Operations you control this busy airspace with 5 runways for departures and
arrivals. Weather radar helps to control traffic around difficult weather.
This simulation game tries to strike a good balance between a simulation and a fast
paced game play.
Try your speed and skills in air traffic control!

-Fast paced air traffic control game
-Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG/LFPG)
-Orly airport (ORY/LFPO)
-Le Bourget (LBG/LFPB)
-ATC weather radar
-Beautiful graphics!

Paris ATC simulation game

paris ATC weather radar

Air Traffic Control simulator game set in Paris airspace

Available for:
-Android phones, tablets and computers
-iOS iPhone, iPad, iPod
-Windows PC and tablets

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